About me

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My name is Jesús Díaz García and I am a computer engineer profesionally devoted to the computer graphics field. I am currently living in Barcelona. I am working in the Virtual Reality Center of Barcelona with the MOVING research group and I am doing my PhD in computer graphics.

Since I was a child I knew I was going to work with computers for a living. I did a computer science degree in FIB (Barcelona School of Informatics), a faculty that belongs to UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). It was in the last years of the degree that I really realised what my truly vocation within computer science was: computer graphics. After finishing the degree, I did a master in computer graphics by the UPC, and I am currently coursing my Ph.D studies.

After finishing the degree in computer science, yet before starting the master in computer graphics, I worked in several companies: Wututu, NTR Global and Blit Software, where I developed applications for autostereoscopic screens, remote desktop control software and graphical applications such as graphic engines for gambling machines, videogames for mobile device platforms and merchandising applications respectively. Nowadays I am working in Barcelona’s Virtual Reality Center with the MOVING research group, mainly developing a software for the calibration of tiled multi-projected virtual reality systems, and also giving support by configuring other several virtual reality systems.

In my spare time I like to read technical books about programming, computer graphics and maths (a degree I would like to do one day) and I also develop my own projects as I acquire new knowledge. Beyond computers, I also like mountains, keeping fit, playing the guitar, watching movies…